2022 ACSW – Keynote Presentation: What has the COVID-19 pandemic shown us about the importance of Information and Computer Sciences?

Dr. James Curran, Prof. Tim Bell


There have been recent school curriculum changes in both Australia and New Zealand at for computing and digital technologies.  Many academics may be unaware of these changes, which will dramatically affect the skills of students entering university computing subjects in the next few years.  James Curran, who was an Associate Professor in Computer Science at the University of Sydney and is now the CEO of Grok Academy, was a writer on the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies and consults with curriculum authorities around Australia.  Similarly, in New Zealand, Tim Bell from the University of Canterbury (who recently received SIGCSE’s award for Outstanding Contribution to Computer Science Education) has been involved in establishing the New Zealand DT curriculum. James and Tim will explain the changes that are happening in schools in their respective countries and consider how it is likely to impact universities.


Tim Bell is a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Canterbury, Aotearoa (New Zealand). His main research interest is computer science education, which he has been involved in for over three decades. His “Computer Science Unplugged” project, which introduces students and teachers to computer science without using computers, is widely used internationally.


Feb 16 2022

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  • Date: Feb 15 2022