2022 ACSW – Keynote Presentation: Pedagogies for Engaging Students in Intermediate Level Programming Courses

David Chen1

1 School of Information and Communication Technology, Griffith University, 170 Kessels Rd Nathan QLD 4111, David.Chen@griffith.edu.au


In my teaching award application, I first described the flipped class method I have developed for the intermediate level programming courses I teach. This method contains the following components that are designed to work together: pre-recorded lectures, active learning exercises, and in-person workshops for discussion and feedback. The adoption of this pedagogy has resulted in sustained increase in student learning outcome and satisfaction. Next, I described the peer review and feedback system used in my courses. Through continued reflection and review process, I have further improved my teaching by incorporating in-class peer review and feedback into the assessment that complements my flipped class approach. This method follows Kolb’s learning cycle and sets clear expectations for the reviews and reflections students need to write. As evidenced via students’ written reviews and reflections, students across different levels of achieves are benefiting from the peer review process. In addition to learning programming, students are also learning soft and life-long learning skills. Finally, I described the Software Development Environment on the Cloud I led a team to develop. This environment allows instructors to preconfigure the software development environment on the cloud according to what is needed by a course. Students can use the preconfigured software development environment from any Internet connected device via a web browser and can start programming without having to do additional setup/configuration. Even though students can also setup and use their own local development environment, overwhelming majority of the students (500+) across several courses opted to use our software development environment.


Dr David Chen is a senior lecture in the School of Information and Communication Technology, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia. He obtained his PhD from the same school in collaborative distributed systems in 2002. Dr Chen has a keen interest in IT, especially in software development as he believes the only limitation to what computer software can do are people’s imagination. Dr Chen has been teaching IT at the tertiary level for 20 years, and has taught from large first year courses to small postgraduate courses in software development and network areas. He has developed his unique style of teaching software development courses based on flipped class and peer review, and utilising software development environment on the cloud.


Feb 17 2022

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  • Date: Feb 16 2022