2020 Posters

Poster  Number Title
1 Computing Curricula 2020: The Overview Report and Tool

Alison Clear

Eastern Institute of Technology New Zealand


2 ‘Are you confused, do you need help?’

Sadia Nawaz, James Bailey, Gregor Kennedy 

The University of Melbourne

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3 Towards a functional classification of digital tools in hybrid digital boardgames

Melissa J. Rogerson

The University of Melbourne


4 Operational Research Driven by Software Engineering Principles

Melina Vidoni

RMIT University

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5 Cultural influences on requirements engineering activities

Tawfeeq Alsanoosy, Maria Spichkova, and James Harland

RMIT University



Apples, Oranges and EHRs: A High-Level Taxonomy for Comparing different models of Health Information Exchange

Timothy Kariotis, Shanton Chang, Kathleen Gray

The University of Melbourne


7 Using Natural Language Processing and VetCompass to Understand Antimicrobial Usage Patterns in Australia

Brian Hur, Tim Baldwin, Karin Verspoor, Laura Hardefeldt, and James Gilkerson

The University of Melbourne


8 Deceptive Planning for Novel Agent Behaviour Discovery

Lyndon Benke, Tim Miller, Michael Papasimeon, Nir Lipovetzky, and Adrian Pearce

The University of Melbourne


9 Correlation Clustering in Multipass Streams with a Space Budget

Xin Zhang, Anthony Wirth, and Bridget Loughhead

The University of Melbourne


10 Graph Neural Networks for Session-based Recommendation with Cross-session Information

Ruihong Qiu, Zi Huang and Hongzhi Yin

The University of Queensland


11 CANZSL: Cycle-Consistent Adversarial Networks for Zero-Shot Learning from Natural Language

Zhi Chen and Zi Huang

The University of Queensland


12 Hashing for Cross-modal Retrieval

Pengfei Zhang and Zi Huang

The University of Queensland Australia

13 Deep Collaborative Discrete Hashing with Semantic-Invariant Structure Construction

Zijian Wang, Zheng Zhang, Yadan Luo and Zi Huang

The University of Queensland


14 Validity of Using the Same Values for the Michaelis Constants on the Stability Analysis in Cellular Signalling Systems

Chinasa Sueyoshi and Takashi Naka

Kyushu Sangyo University Japan

15 The Improved TextRank approach for Effective Keywords Extraction and Topic Modeling in Game Apps Review

G. Wu, Chi-I Hsu and Chaochang Chiu

Yuan Ze University Taiwan, Kainan University Taiwan,, Yuan Ze University Taiwan,


16 Online Reviews Analytics for Customer Churn Prediction in Telecommunication Industry

Chaochang Chiu, B. Chen and Chi-I Hsu

Yuan Ze University Taiwan, Yaun Ze, Taiwan, Kainan University Taiwan