Please find following a list of Poster displays delivered at ACSW 2018.

Poster Number Presentation Title
1. Secure Contracts
David Poxon, Wayne Kelly and Colin Fidge
2. A Blockchain Based Vaccine Supply Chain Traceability System
Kamanashis Biswas, Wee Lum Tan and Vallipuram Muthukkumarasamy
3. A Neural Fuzzy Fusion Engine for Human-Machine Autonomous Systems
Chin-Teng Lin
4. A Framework for Visual Analysis of Physical Activity Data
Tori Tong, Jinglan Zhang, Alok Chowdhury and Stewart Trost
5. Exploring deep learning architectures for animal calls identification in audio recordings
Ivan Himawan, Michael Towsey and Paul Roe
6. Learning Geometric Representation from Visual Data in Computer Vision
Miaomiao Liu
7. Interoperability in Blockchains: A Generalised Model
Babu Pillai, Kamanashis Biswas, Wee-Lum Tan and Vallipuram Muthukkumarasamy
8. The potential for commercial devices in sleep studies: Apple watch explorations
Sirinthip Roomkham, David Lovell and Dimitri Perrin
9. Customizing Conceptual Modeling: Using Livestock Supply Chains as an example
Hussein Al-Ghattas, Igor Hawryszkiewycz and Dominik Bork


10. Hardware/Software Routing for Inter-Process Communication in Heterogeneous Reconfigurable System-on-Chip
Ian Clough
11. Graphchain: A Blockchain-Free Alternative for Scalability and Decentralisation
Christopher Carr, Xavier Boyen and Thomas Haines
12. Trading-off Performance and Energy Efficiency in Parallel Applications
Mark Endrei
13. Compact Inverted Index Storage Using General-Purpose Compression Libraries
Matthias Petri and Alistair Moffat
14. Intelligent System Architecture Framework for Tailored Physical Activity E-Coaching
Puspa Pratiwi
15. Identifying the Difficulties of Learning Programming for Non-English Speakers at an Australian University and a Libyan University
Ibrahim Nnass, Michael Cowling and Roger Hadgraft


16. Map of New Zealand scientific collaborations
Samin Aref, David Friggens and Shaun Hendy
17. Is that avatar really smiling or faking it?
Md Zakir Hossain and Tom Gedeon
18. Unknown knowns in Human centred computing
Tom Gedeon
19. Deep Learning for Implicit Topic Relevance
Christopher Chow and Tom Gedeon
20. Actively Learning Blocking Scheme for Entity Resolution
Jingyu Shao and Qing Wang
21. A Knowledge-based Wild Fire Prediction System for Peatlands
Ariesta Lestari, Grace Rumantir, Bambang Saharjo, Aswin Usup, Laura Graham, Nigel Tapper, Andrew Vayda, Nina Yulianti and Rony Teguh
22. Smart Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Technologies
Jarrod Trevathan and Ron Johnstone
23. Fuzzy Transfer Learning for Prediction in Data-Shortage and Rapidly-Changing Environments
Jie Lu
24. A Dynamic, Interactive Approach for Visualizing Multi-modal Traffic Flows in Commuter Networks
Guohun Zhu, Jane Hunter and Jonathan Corcoran
25. Support in situ data processing on a supercomputer
Minh Dinh
26. Exploiting Semantic and Temporal Information for Video Event Classification
Chao Li and Helen Huang
27. Network Analysis on Prescribing of Controlled Drugs
Xuelei Hu, Marcus Gallagher, William Loveday, Jason P.Connor, Abhilash Dev
28. A Human-in-the-loop Framework for Content Description of Long-duration Environmental Audio Recordings
Mahnoosh Kholghi, Michael Towsey and Paul Roe
29. Identifying the Optimal Configurations for Scientific Kernels on Multi-core CPUs
Chao Jin, Mark Endrei, Minh Dinh and David Abramson