The use of AI in health

Enrico Coiera

Professor, PhD, MBBS, FACMI, FACHI


Trained in medicine and with a computer science PhD in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Professor Coiera has a research background in both industry and academia and a strong international research reputation for his work on decision support and communication processes in biomedicine.

He founded the Centre for Health Informatics in 1999 at UNSW, and now based at Macquarie University it is Australia’s largest and longest running biomedical and health informatics academic research group. His textbook Guide to Health Informatics is in its 3rd edition, is widely used internationally, and is translated into several languages.

Research interests

Using digital health to solve health service delivery problems, patient safety informatics, consumer e-health, translational bioinformatics, evidence-based decision support, text summarisation methods to support scientific discovery, and clinical communication.