Introduction to Machine Learning

Speaker: Prof. Wray Buntine, Monash University

Machine Learning is now a critical component of AI systems and intelligent systems such as speech recognition.  In industry, deep learning, a new variant, is becoming synonymous with AI, and many bold claims about capabilities are given.  This tutorial will briefly cover resources to find out more about machine learning, and review the major ideas behind machine learning as well as deep learning, and their relationships.  What, for instance, was the major innovation in deep learning that changed the community so much. Machine learning is a very mathematically oriented field, so some of the basic math will be presented.  It is also a very fast moving field so recent advances will be presented broadly, such as self-supervised learning and meta-learning.


Bio:  Wray Buntine is a full professor at Monash University from 2014.  He was previously at NICTA Canberra, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology where he ran a semantic search project, NASA Ames Research Center, University of California, Berkeley, and Google.   He was also involved in a number of start-ups in Silicon Valley. He does theoretical and applied work in probabilistic methods for machine learning. He is an editor for some academic journals, is on the Steering Committee of the Asian Conference of Machine Learning, and acts as Senior Programme Committee member for some conferences.