Dr Antonette Mendoza (1)

(1) Senior Lecturer, School of Computing and Information Systems, The University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus, Melbourne, Vic 3037, Australia, mendozaa@unimelb.edu.au


Teaching involves content and pedagogical knowledge, critical thinking, wisdom born out of experience and intelligence. A great teacher, however, must also be patient, empathetic, enthusiastic and inspiring. With growing student numbers, and a diverse student cohort, inspiring, motivating and providing innovative learning and teaching can be a huge challenge. In my presentation, I will discuss some of my experiences and teaching practices that have been successfully received by students over the years.

Further, to be successful in providing a positive student learning experience, I believe we have to not only recognize the importance of inspiring students in our classes by using best teaching pedagogies but also to show leadership in imparting quality teaching across the wider academic community. To this effect, a core essence in university teaching is our lecturers and tutors and their ability to effectively impart knowledge to students. In this talk, I will illustrate through two teaching development programs, how best we can work as a team to facilitate a positive student learning experience in both lectures and tutorials.

In conclusion my presentation will provide some insights into projects I have been involved in, that helped me reach the wider academic community including: the design and commercialization of an assessment and feedback tool for student oral presentations; writing and winning education-related research grants and encouraging women in engineering and IT.