Camera-Ready Instruction


The camera-ready version of your paper is due no later than 15 December, 2019 (Sunday). Authors should receive an email from ACM along with the instructions to upload camera-ready source file to the ACM Publishing System (TAPS). Please note that due to change in ACM policy the camera-ready version should be uploaded to the link you receive from TAPS system (not in Easychair where you submitted your initial version for review). Please contact the Publication Chair ( if you haven’t received any email from TAPS.

Authors should also receive an email with details to complete the copyright section of the paper.The ICPS program and ACM Author rights Policies have recently changed. Please refer to the following web page for the instructions for publishing the proceedings:


For preparing camera-ready version we recommend all authors to follow the guideline according to new publication template workflow of ACM:

At the end of this link there is an estimation of number of page count for a paper. We request authors to double-check the submission for any issues that might further delay the publication process (e.g. remove any non-embedded fonts, and ensure that the paper adheres to all the formatting requirements outlined in the link. ACM has created a new LaTeX template and updated the existing Word templates. They are to be used in conjunction with the ACM e-Rights System and the ACM CCS 2012 Author Support Tool found in the ACM Digital Library (See instructions under “Generate CCS Codes”  top right of ACM has developed a new webpage which contains the new proceedings templates and CC2012 guide here:

Please note that, the final camera-ready version should be in single-column format as directed in step 3 and 4 in ACM new template workflow:

We recommend authors to follow the below instructions

– For full paper it should be at most 10 pages according to ACM double-column format template

– For short paper it should be at most 4 pages according to ACM double-column format template

If the accepted version is in double-column please convert them to the single-column format according the new template of ACM. Please do not add additional text that can increase the page-length according to the above estimation.

Paper authors must present their work at the conference (at least one author must attend).

****Please note that the above instructions are not applicable for Australasian Database Conference (ADC) track.