Natasha Fernandes (John Makepeace Bennett Award Recipient)

Speaker Details
  • CORE John Makepeace Bennett Award Recipient
  • Name

    Natasha Fernandes

  • Organisation

    Macquarie University

  • Biography

    Natasha is a postdoctoral researcher in cybersecurity at Macquarie University. Her research interests include differential privacy, privacy-preserving natural language processing and quantitative information flow for security and privacy. Natasha received her undergraduate degree from Sydney University in Pure Mathematics and Computer Science, and recently completed a cotutelle PhD in Computing with Macquarie University and Ecole Polytechnique in France. Her PhD focussed on information flow techniques for analysing differential privacy guarantees, and introduced new methods for reasoning about privacy for natural language processing using a metric-based version of differential privacy. Natasha's current work is on metric-based reasoning for privacy-preserving natural language processing and machine learning.